2018 was a watershed year for our profession. We began an important discussion about the culture of the profession and in particular the experience of young lawyers. We believe last year was only just the beginning. More change is to come.

To help to bring about that change, we decided to start a union – the Aotearoa Legal Workers’ Union (ALWU).

ALWU aims to:

  • Promote inclusivity, kindness and a sense of pride in the legal profession.
  • Provide a cohesive public voice for legal workers.
  • Stop the unfair treatment of junior lawyers.
  • Promote safe and healthy workplaces for legal workers in New Zealand.
  • Advocate for marginalised groups of legal workers, including junior lawyers, women, people in the LGBTQI+ community, tangata whenua, people of colour, and disabled people.

In order to achieve those goals, ALWU will:

  • Advocate for fair treatment and accountability in the profession.
  • Collect and publish data to promote transparency about pay and working conditions in legal workplaces.
  • Conduct campaigns to reduce the power imbalance and pay gap between employers and workers.
  • Connect legal workers with qualified support, advocacy and representation on workplace issues.

Help us to make our profession one that we can be proud of and Join Us.