ALWU has gathered information about legal workers’ experiences in their workplaces through its Employment Information Survey 2019. You can read the Survey through the link below:

Employment Information Survey Report

In short, the key findings of the report are:

  • 50 percent of respondents who were working at large law firms reported that they had, or thought that they had, worked for an effective hourly wage of less than the minimum wage when their fortnightly salary was divided by the number of hours that they had worked.
  • Legal workers at large firms are paid very similar salaries at junior levels, regardless of the hours that they work or the amount of revenue that they generate for the firm.
  • Almost all respondents reported consistently working overtime. However, virtually no private-sector employers have a transparent and consistent method of providing time off in lieu or payment for overtime work.
  • Bonuses for junior legal workers are opaque, rare and of low value, especially when compared with the hours legal workers are required to work to get them.
  • Public sector legal workers reported being the most satisfied with their work-life balance, and were the most likely to recommend their employer to a friend.
  • Female respondents were both less likely to say they were satisfied with their work-life balance and to recommend their employer to a friend than male respondents.