ALWU’s first campaign relates to remunerating workers for overtime and ensuring compliance with the Minimum Wage Act 1983.

You may have seen Alison Mau’s article Lawyers are working for ‘less than minimum wage’, new union claims on Alison asked all 15 of New Zealand’s biggest firms how they are ensuring that they are paying their employees a minimum wage, and their responses can be viewed through this link.

ALWU was not satisfied by the firms’ responses. They indicated that most firms are not monitoring the hours their employees work, and are not remunerating them for those hours in accordance with the Minimum Wage Act. ALWU’s full response is available through this link.

Are you working for less than the minimum wage? Check using the table below:

More information about compliance with the Minimum Wage Act and how it applies to you as a legal worker can be found:

ALWU’s campaign in relation to the Minimum Wage Act will be a launchpad for other campaigns on issues that are important to our members. Going forwards, members will have input in to the issues that ALWU addresses and the way that it does so. If you would like to see ALWU campaign on an issue you are experiencing in your workplace, please contact us.

For too long there has been a huge imbalance in the power structure of law firms, resulting in the abuse of their vulnerable employees. By standing together, we can say “enough is enough” – and change the whole culture of the legal profession for the better!

Olivia Wensley #Metoo Activist