Transforming legal workplaces through advocacy and action

Aotearoa Legal Workers’ Union (ALWU) was formed in early 2019, after many months of planning. ALWU’s purpose is to support workers in the legal profession. ALWU advocates for legal workers’ common benefit and strives for equity and inclusion.

ALWU’s first campaign aims to ensure compliance with the Minimum Wage Act 1983. Check out what we’re fighting for, and whether you’re being paid less than the minimum wage for the hours that you work, on the campaign page below:

Minimum wage

If you are in a position to make a donation to ALWU, you can access our Givealittle page through the link below:

Give a little to ALWU

“I think formation of this union is a fantastic advance for all legal workers and for improvement of the culture of our profession. I love the concept of promoting inclusivity and kindness and the fact that, for the first time, a collective voice can be raised for those that work in the legal industry. There has been too much isolation and powerlessness for legal workers who sit at the bottom of what has traditionally been a very hierarchical culture.”

Frances Joychild QC Barrister